Ruth Blackwell Rogers

Artist, Teacher, Speaker, Shaman


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MFA
  • Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, BA
  • Skowhegan School; Penland School
  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies, weekend workshops, Two-week Intensive, and Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanic Healing


Over three dozen solo shows and many group shows since 1967, including:

  • Museums in North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington DC
  • Colleges and universities in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
  • Conferences in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Illinois, and West Virginia
  • Galleries in Berlin, Germany, West Virginia, Washington DC, and North Carolina


Presenter or keynote speaker at over a dozen conferences including:

  • Art therapy associations in Chicago and Washington DC
  • Jungian and transpersonal psychology associations in Washington DC, Atlanta, and Prague
  • Social worker conferences in West Virginia
  • Steiner Institute conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Along with husband Hugh Rogers, tour a storytelling presentation, “Four Worlds So Far,” the Hopi creation story, illustrated by the artist on a 210-foot scroll, hundreds of times in eastern US, Arizona, New Mexico, Montreal, Prague, and Germany


  • Taught English at a Korean women’s university for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer
  • Taught Art at Dana Hall School in Massachusetts
  • Designed and built studio and passive solar home in West Virginia
  • Raised, together with Hugh, three sons
  • Involved with watershed and conservation issues in the West Virginia highlands
  • President of Saranam Retreat Center, Montrose WV
  • Shamanic healing practitioner

Why do I paint?  For the pure joy of it. To make visible what I see in my head. To put in physical form my gratitude and hopes and concerns and prayers for all beings. Because it is what I know how to do.